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From "Hargett, Phil" <phil.harg...@mirror-image.com>
Subject In 0.8, can a single broker be configured to run without Zookeeper?
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 13:52:16 GMT
While the replication features in 0.8 are very desirable for us, one aspect of 0.7 that was
also appealing was that in specific scenarios a single broker instance could run by itself
without an accompanying Zookeeper.  

This provided a lightweight "entry point" for log flows by running lots of single-instance
Kafka brokers for local durability, then running other code (like MirrorMaker) to propagate
local data from those single-instance brokers to shared broker clusters for further processing
by other applications. 

Is this scenario no longer achievable with 0.8? Will it be on the roadmap again?
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