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From Yavar Husain <yavarhus...@gmail.com>
Subject Kafka 0.7 Quickstart Errors
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2013 06:28:47 GMT
Kafka 0.8 works great. I am able to use CLI as well as write my own

Checking Zookeeper... and I see all the topics and partitions created
successfully for 0.8.

Kafka 0.7 does not work!

Why Kafka 0.7? I am using Kafka Spout from Storm which is made for Kafka

First I just want to run CLI based producer/consumer for Kafka 0.7, which I
am unable to. I carry out the following steps:

1)  I delete all the topics/partitions etc. in Zookeeper that were
created from my Kafka 0.8
2)  I change the dataDir in zoo.cfg to point to different location.
3)  Now I start the kafka server 0.7. It starts successfully. However
I don’t know why it again registers the broker topics I deleted?
4)  Now I start the Kafka Producer :
bin/kafka-console-producer.sh --zookeeper localhost:2181 --topic topicime
& it starts successfully:
[2013-06-28 14:06:05,521] INFO zookeeper state changed (SyncConnected)
[2013-06-28 14:06:05,606] INFO Creating async producer for broker id =
0 at 0:0 (kafka.producer.ProducerPool)
5)  Time to send some messages & oops I get this error:
[2013-06-28 14:07:19,650] INFO Disconnecting from 0:0
[2013-06-28 14:07:19,653] ERROR Connection attempt to 0:0 failed, next
attempt in 1 ms (kafka.producer.SyncProducer)
java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused
        at sun.nio.ch.Net.connect0(Native Method)
        at sun.nio.ch.Net.connect(Net.java:364)
        at sun.nio.ch.Net.connect(Net.java:356)
        at sun.nio.ch.SocketChannelImpl.connect(SocketChannelImpl.java:623)
        at kafka.producer.SyncProducer.connect(SyncProducer.scala:173)
        at kafka.producer.SyncProducer.getOrMakeConnection(SyncProducer.scala:196)
        at kafka.producer.SyncProducer.send(SyncProducer.scala:92)
        at kafka.producer.SyncProducer.multiSend(SyncProducer.scala:135)
        at kafka.producer.async.DefaultEventHandler.send(DefaultEventHandler.scala:58)
        at kafka.producer.async.DefaultEventHandler.handle(DefaultEventHandler.scala:44)
        at kafka.producer.async.ProducerSendThread.tryToHandle(ProducerSendThread.scala:116)
        at scala.collection.immutable.Stream.foreach(Stream.scala:254)
        at kafka.producer.async.ProducerSendThread.processEvents(ProducerSendThread.scala:70)
        at kafka.producer.async.ProducerSendThread.run(ProducerSendThread.scala:41)

Note that Zookeeper is already running.

Any help would really be appreciated.


I don't even see the topic being created in zookeeper. I am running the
following command:

bin/kafka-console-producer.sh --zookeeper localhost:2181 --topic topicime

After the command everything is fine & I get the following message:

[2013-06-28 14:30:17,614] INFO Session establishment complete on
server localhost/, sessionid = 0x13f805c6673004b,
negotiated timeout = 6000 (org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn)
[2013-06-28 14:30:17,615] INFO zookeeper state changed (SyncConnected)
[2013-06-28 14:30:17,700] INFO Creating async producer for broker id =
0 at 0:0 (kafka.producer.ProducerPool)

However now when i type a string to send I get the above error (Connection

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