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From Eric Sites <Eric.Si...@threattrack.com>
Subject Re: How do you recover an 0.8 Kafka server
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2013 03:46:48 GMT
Fixed it.

An entire cluster restart was required.

Not the best solution, but all 6 servers, topics, partitions, and replicas
are in sync now.
And all topics have leaders.

Not I just need todo a little rebalancing.

Eric Sites

On 8/4/13 11:06 PM, "Eric Sites" <Eric.Sites@threattrack.com> wrote:

>How do you recover from a bad Kafka 0.8 server.
>It failed to keep up with the replicated partitions assigned to it about
>a month ago.
>I delete everything in the partitions directories, then created the
>partition folders assigned to it.
>I also recreated the replication-offset-checkpoint file, with topcname
>part 0.
>Then start Kafka back up.
>And nothing... No recovery, just a bunch of empty log and index files.
>It will not recover.
>I have 2 servers like this, thank god I have 6 servers and almost all
>partitions have 3 replicas.
>But I do have a topic that had 1 partition on the servers, now it is
>showing no leader.
>Any help would be great.
>Eric Sites

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