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From Eric Sites <Eric.Si...@threattrack.com>
Subject Re: multiple queue consumers on one partition
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2013 04:17:08 GMT
Correction: So if you have n consumers in the same group you need n
partitions per topic.

On 8/15/13 12:14 AM, "Eric Sites" <Eric.Sites@threattrack.com> wrote:

>Yes, that is the expected.
>You need more partitions per topic, at lest 1 partition per consumer in
>the group.
>So if you have n consumers you need n topics.
>All messages sent to the topic will be divided amongst the partitions.
>Eric Sites
>On 8/14/13 3:59 PM, "Wu, Jiang2 " <jiang2.wu@citi.com> wrote:
>>In our experiments, we find that if multiple consumers in the same group
>>listen to the same partition, then one consumer will receive all messages
>>on this partition, and others get none. Is this inherent to Kafka design,
>>or it can be changed by some configuration? Basically we expect ems queue
>>behavior, i.e., each of the n consumers receive about 1/n of the total

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