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From "Bruno D. Rodrigues" <bruno.rodrig...@litux.org>
Subject Re: Anyone running kafka with a single broker in production? what about only 8GB ram?
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2013 22:57:31 GMT
A 10/10/2013, às 23:14, S Ahmed <sahmed1020@gmail.com> escreveu:

> Is anyone out there running a single broker kafka setup?
> How about with only 8 GB RAM?
> I'm looking at one of the better dedicated server prodivers, and a 8GB
> server is pretty much what I want to spend at the moment, would it make
> sense going this route?
> This same server would also potentially be running zookeeper also.
> In terms of messages per second, at most I would be seeing about 2000
> messages per second, of 20KB to 200KB in size.
> I know the people at linkedin are running with I believe 24GB of ram.

My personal newbie experience, which is surely completely wrong and miss-configured, got me
up to 70MB/sec, either with controlled 1K messages (hence 70Kmsg/sec) as well as with more
random data (test data from 100 bytes to a couple MB). First I thought the 70MB were the hard
disk limit, but when I got the same result both with a proper linux server with a 10K disk,
as well as with a Mac mini with a 5400rpm disk, I got confused.

The mini has 2G, the linux server has 8 or 16, can'r recall at the moment. 

The test was performed both with single and multi producers and consumers. One producer =
70MB, two producers = 35MB each and so forth. Running standalone instances on each server,
same value. Running both together in 2 partition 2 replica crossed mode, same result.

As far as I understood, more memory just means more kernel buffer space to speed up the lack
of disk speed, as kafka seems to not really depend on memory for the queueing.

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