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From Yu Bo(技术中心) <b...@sohu-inc.com>
Subject [Kafka-users] badversion exception and unable to recover
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2014 14:18:13 GMT
Hi all
Because of badversion exception, the id 1 broker is not a leader. But the kafka thread on
that server is already in work. The id 1 broker is only for replication.
I want to recover the id 1 broker and became a leader.
I had done :

1、  use the “kafka-reassign-partitions.sh” to remove the broker id 1 from replicas group.
And the broker id 1 should be out of touch with kafka cluster.

But, the server.log of other servers are printing lots of error,like:

[2014-01-13 21:56:58,360] INFO Reconnect due to socket error: null (kafka.consumer.SimpleConsumer)

[2014-01-13 21:56:58,362] WARN [ReplicaFetcherThread-0-1], Error in fetch Name: FetchRequest;
Version: 0; CorrelationId: 35321893; ClientId: ReplicaFetcherThread-0-1; ReplicaId: 2; MaxWait:
500 ms; MinBytes: 1 bytes; RequestInfo: [co,4] -> PartitionFetchInfo(0,1048576) (kafka.server.ReplicaFetcherThread)

java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

        at sun.nio.ch.Net.connect(Native Method)

        at sun.nio.ch.SocketChannelImpl.connect(SocketChannelImpl.java:500)

        at kafka.network.BlockingChannel.connect(BlockingChannel.scala:57)

        at kafka.consumer.SimpleConsumer.connect(SimpleConsumer.scala:44)

        at kafka.consumer.SimpleConsumer.reconnect(SimpleConsumer.scala:57)

        at kafka.consumer.SimpleConsumer.liftedTree1$1(SimpleConsumer.scala:79)

        at kafka.consumer.SimpleConsumer.kafka$consumer$SimpleConsumer$$sendRequest(SimpleConsumer.scala:71)

        at kafka.consumer.SimpleConsumer$$anonfun$fetch$1$$anonfun$apply$mcV$sp$1.apply$mcV$sp(SimpleConsumer.scala:110)

2、kill the kafka thread running on id 1 broker.

3、I start the kafka service on broker id 1, and it never add to replication group. Not to
speak of becoming a leader.

The question is :   what should we do inorder to recover the kafka cluster to original?


Best regards,
于博  |  搜狐媒体大厦 精准广告研发中心 技术组  |  tel:61135569  15101511427
(H)  |  boyu@sohu-inc.com<mailto:boyu@sohu-inc.com>

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