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From Arjun <ar...@socialtwist.com>
Subject Re: kafka consumer not consuming messages
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2014 05:25:07 GMT
Hi Rahul,

It dosent seem to be a problem with disk. I tried now to run the kafka
from different data dir. i have enabled the debug while logging. It
seems like all my fetch requests are kept in request Request Purgatory
and they are getting expired for some reason. i tries to incerease the
fetch size and time but have no luck.
Attached are the logs. This is happening now even with 3 brokers.

Arjun Narasimha Kota

On Monday 10 February 2014 07:00 PM, Jain Rahul wrote:
> It may be possible that /tmp is running out of disk space as you seems to writing data
there in /tmp/kafka-logs
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Arjun [mailto:arjun@socialtwist.com]
> Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 3:55 PM
> To: users@kafka.apache.org
> Subject: Re: kafka consumer not consuming messages
> On extension to the same problem i am seeing this "INFO Closing socket connection to
/ (kafka.network.Processor)" in my log continuously. I searched the web and found
this code in an exception block "
> https://apache.googlesource.com/kafka/+/40a80fa7b7ae3d49e32c40fbaad1a4e402b2ac71/core/src/main/scala/kafka/network/SocketServer.scala".
> Does this have anything to do with the problem?
> Why will this come up, i tried to look at the code but i am lost in it.
> Can some one please point me in a direction where i can find the answer.
> Thanks
> Arjun Narasimha Kota
> On Monday 10 February 2014 11:57 AM, Arjun wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I started using kafka some time back. I was experimenting with 0.8. My
>> problem is the kafka is unable to consume the messages. My
>> configuration is kafka broker on the local host and zookeeper on the
>> local host. I have only one broker and one consumer at present.
>> What have I done:
>>       1) I used the java examples in the kafka src and pushed some 600
>> messages to the broker
>>       2) I used the console consumer to check weather the messages are
>> there in the broker or not. Console consumer printed all 600 messages
>>       3) Now i used the java Consumer code, and tried to get those
>> messages. This is not printing any messages. It just got stuck
>> When was it working earlier:
>>       -When i tried with three brokers and three consumers in the same
>> machine, with the same configuration it worked fine.
>>       -I changed the properties accordingly when i tried to make it
>> work with one broker and one consumer
>> What does log say:
>>       - attaching the logs even
>> If some one points me where I am doing wrong it would be helpful.
>> Thanks
>> Arjun Narasimha Kota
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