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From "Maier, Dr. Andreas" <andreas.ma...@asideas.de>
Subject Re: Are offsets unique, immutable identifiers for a message in a topic?
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2014 14:11:10 GMT
Am 07.03.14 11:43 schrieb "Martin Kleppmann" unter

>Almost right: offsets are unique, immutable identifiers for a message
>within a topic-partition. Each partition has its own sequence of offsets,
>but a (topic, partition, offset) triple uniquely and persistently
>identifies a particular message.
>For log retention you have essentially two options: to discard messages
>older than some threshold (which can be a few weeks if you have enough
>disk space, giving you plenty of time to recover from failures), or to
>keep only the newest message for a given key and discard older messages
>with the same key 
>(http://kafka.apache.org/081/documentation.html#compaction). When using
>time-based retention, when a segment of the log expires, offsets within
>that segment or before become unavailable. When using compaction, "holes"
>appear in the sequence of offsets where old messages were discarded.

Ok, thank you Martin. That makes it clear.

>In your case, it sounds like time-based retention with a fairly long
>retention period is the way to go. You could potentially store the
>offsets of messages to retry in a separate Kafka topic.

I was also thinking about doing that. However, what do I do, if I have
again some errors when processing the offsets from that Kafka topic?
Since I cannot delete the offsets of messages from the Kafka topic that
have been processed successfully, I would have to create another
Kafka topic to again store the remaining offsets and then maybe another
one and then another on and so on.
That seems awkward to me.
Wouldn't it be better to simply have a mutable list of offsets, read from
that list and if a message was successfully processed,
remove the offset from the list. By that one could immediately see from
the length of the list how many messages still needs to be processed.
Since Kafka topics are append only they don't seem to be a good fit for
this kind of logic.


>On 7 Mar 2014, at 09:38, "Maier, Dr. Andreas" <andreas.maier@asideas.de>
>> Hi,
>> I have the following problem:
>> My Kafka consumer is consuming messages, but the processing of the
>> might fail. I do not want to
>> retry until success, but instead want to quickly consume the next
>> However at a later time I might still want to reprocess the failed
>> messages.
>> So I though about storing a list of offsets of the messages that have
>> failed in the first try
>> for later processing.
>> But that would only make sense, if the offsets are unique, immutable
>> identifiers for a message within a topic. Since Kafka deletes messages
>> compactifies the log after some time,
>> I was wondering if this is really the case?
>> If not, how could I then uniquely identify a message within a topic, so
>> that a consumer knows from
>> where to start consuming again?
>> Thank you,
>> Andreas Maier
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