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From Arjun <ar...@socialtwist.com>
Subject Re: doubt regarding consumer rebalance exception.
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2014 11:18:00 GMT
Some times, the error is even not printed. The blow line gets printed(i 
increased the number of retires to 10)

end rebalancing consumer group1_ip-10-122-57-66-1397214466042-81e47bfe 
try #9

and then the consumer just sits idle.

Arjun Narasimha Kota

On Friday 11 April 2014 04:33 PM, Arjun wrote:
> Once i get this exception
> ERROR consumer.ZookeeperConsumerConnector: [xxxxxxxxxx ], error during 
> syncedRebalance
>  kafka.common.ConsumerRebalanceFailedException: xxxxxxxxx can't 
> rebalance after 4 retries
> The consumer is not consuming any more messages. Is this the 
> behaviour? is there any property in high level consumer through which 
> i can say to consumer to keep retrying, until consumer gets the data. 
> This message is not atually being thrown in high level consumer. This 
> is just logged in the logger. If the consumer will not get data after 
> this exception, shouldn't this be thrown at a place user can catch it 
> and raise an alert?
> Thanks
> Arjun Narasimha Kota

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