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From "Sithiyavanich, Manawat (Agoda)" <Manawat.Sithiyavan...@agoda.com>
Subject Weird behaviour of Kafka consumer/mirrormaker at different DCs
Date Fri, 09 May 2014 11:06:34 GMT
Hi ,

I have been setting up 2 clusters of Kafka located across DCs , one in Asia and another one
in Europe. All of them are running on EC2 m1.xlarge machines.
Our goal is to replicate data from Asia cluster to Europe cluster with "high and stable" speed.

I ended up trying Mirrormaker provided by Kafka , setup in Europe cluster, and here is the
weird problems I have got so far.
Let N = number of partitions of a topic in Asia cluster.

1) Using the Kafka provided Mirrormaker , with -num.streams = N.

It runs super slow at the rate of around 30 Mbps while we expect around 1 Gbps as we have
noticed this rate at Asia cluster when producer producing data to Kafka brokers.

2) I tried creating my own version of Consumer using High-level API in Europe to consume data
directly from Asia cluster , and ended up with the same rate around 30 to 40 Mbps

I have designed the consumer this way.

- 1 Consumer Group (1 kafka.javaapi.consumer.ConsumerConnector)
- N threads to handle N streams from 1 Consumer Group

3) I tried creating another version of Consumer using High-level API , and ended up with around
400 Mbps! , which is much more higher than 2 mentioned ways

Here is my new design

- N Consumer Group (N kafka.javaapi.consumer.ConsumerConnector) with the same group ID
- N Threads to handle N Consumer Group
- 1 Consumer Group handles 1 Stream

Also , the more number of N  , the higher speeds I've got from the solution 3) while solution
1) and 2) remains the speed at 30Mbps.

I don't see the technical differences between solution 3) and the rest but how the speed of
consuming data with solution 3) becomes so hugely different from the rest?

Right now our N = 60 , and each message in a topic in Asia cluster has average size of 50KB.


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