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From Todd Palino <tpal...@linkedin.com.INVALID>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Kafka Security Specific Features
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2014 22:12:02 GMT
I think that¹s one option. What I would offer here is that we need to
separate out the concepts of authorization and authentication.
Authentication should definitely be modular, so that we can plug in
appropriate schemes depending on the organization. For example, you may
want client certificates, I may want radius, and someone else is going to
want LDAP.

Authorization is the other piece that¹s needed, and that could be
internal. Since what you¹re authorizing (topic name, read or write, may
rate limiting) is specific to the application, it may not make sense to
modularize it.


On 6/3/14, 1:03 PM, "Robert Rodgers" <rsrodgers@gmail.com> wrote:

>... client specific presented information, signed in some way, listing
>topic permissions.  read, write, list.
>TLS lends itself to client certificates.
>On Jun 3, 2014, at 12:57 PM, Joe Stein <joe.stein@stealth.ly> wrote:
>> 4) Authorization
>> We should have a policy of "404" for data, topics, partitions (etc) if
>> authenticated connections do not have access.  In "secure mode" any non
>> authenticated connections should get a "404" type message on everything.
>> Knowing "something is there" is a security risk in many uses cases.  So
>> you don't have access you don't even see it.  Baking "that" into Kafka
>> along with some interface for entitlement (access management) systems
>> (pretty standard) is all that I think needs to be done to the core
>> I want to tackle item later in the year after summer after the other
>> are complete.

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