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From Andras Hatvani <andras.hatv...@andrashatvani.com>
Subject LeaderNotAvailableException, although leader elected
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2014 12:43:36 GMT

What does the exception mean in the following context?

I've got two Kafka brokers out which the second one will be elected as leader:

kafka2_1          | [2014-09-26 12:35:07,289] INFO [Kafka Server 2], started (kafka.server.KafkaServer)
kafka2_1          | [2014-09-26 12:35:07,394] INFO New leader is 2 (kafka.server.ZookeeperLeaderElector$LeaderChangeListener)

Then, when I try to produce a message, I only get the following error:

23182 [main] INFO  kafka.producer.async.DefaultEventHandler - Back off for 100 ms before retrying
send. Remaining retries = 0
23286 [main] INFO  kafka.client.ClientUtils$ - Fetching metadata from broker id:0,host:,port:9092
with correlation id 8 for 1 topic(s) Set(inputTopic)
23287 [main] INFO  kafka.producer.SyncProducer - Connected to for producing
23300 [main] INFO  kafka.producer.SyncProducer - Disconnecting from
23301 [main] WARN  kafka.producer.BrokerPartitionInfo - Error while fetching metadata [{TopicMetadata
for topic inputTopic -> 
No partition metadata for topic inputTopic due to kafka.common.LeaderNotAvailableException}]
for topic [inputTopic]: class kafka.common.LeaderNotAvailableException 
23303 [main] ERROR kafka.producer.async.DefaultEventHandler - Failed to send requests for
topics inputTopic with correlation ids in [0,8]

The property metadata.broker.list contains the host:port values of both brokers.

What can be wrong/missing?
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