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From Bhavesh Mistry <mistry.p.bhav...@gmail.com>
Subject Need Document and Explanation Of New Metrics Name in New Java Producer on Kafka Trunk
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2014 21:07:20 GMT
Kafka Team,

Can you please let me know what each of following Metrics means ?  Some of
them are obvious, but some are hard to understand. My Topic name is

can we enforce a Topic Name Convention or Metric Name Convention.  Because
in previous version of Kafka, we have similar issue of parsing Kafka
Metrics name with host name issue (codahale lib) .  I have topic name with
“.”  So, it is hard to distinguish metric name and topic.   Also,  when
guys get chance I would appreciate if you guys can explain metric
description on wiki so community would know what to monitor.  Please see
below for full list of metrics from new producer.



record-queue-time-avg NaN
*node-1.*request-latency-max -Infinity
record-size-max -Infinity
*node-1.*incoming-byte-rate NaN
request-size-avg NaN
*node-1.*request-latency-avg NaN
*node-2.*request-size-avg NaN
requests-in-flight 0.0
bufferpool-wait-ratio NaN
network-io-rate NaN
metadata-age 239.828
records-per-request-avg NaN
record-retry-rate NaN
buffer-total-bytes 6.7108864E7
buffer-available-bytes 6.7108864E7
topic.*TOPIC_NAME*.record-error-rate NaN
record-send-rate NaN
select-rate NaN
node-2.outgoing-byte-rate NaN
topic.*TOPIC_NAME*.record-retry-rate NaN
batch-size-max -Infinity
connection-creation-rate NaN
node-1.outgoing-byte-rate NaN
topic.*TOPIC_NAME*.byte-rate NaN
waiting-threads 0.0
batch-size-avg NaN
io-wait-ratio NaN
io-wait-time-ns-avg NaN
io-ratio NaN
topic.TOPIC_NAME.record-send-rate NaN
request-size-max -Infinity
record-size-avg NaN
request-latency-max -Infinity
node-2.request-latency-max -Infinity
record-queue-time-max -Infinity
node-2.response-rate NaN
node-1.request-rate NaN
node-1.request-size-max -Infinity
connection-count 3.0
incoming-byte-rate NaN
compression-rate-avg NaN
request-rate NaN
node-1.response-rate NaN
node-2.request-latency-avg NaN
request-latency-avg NaN
record-error-rate NaN
connection-close-rate NaN
*node-2.*request-size-max -Infinity
topic.TOPIC_NAME.compression-rate NaN
node-2.incoming-byte-rate NaN
node-1.request-size-avg NaN
io-time-ns-avg NaN
outgoing-byte-rate NaN
*node-2*.request-rate NaN
response-rate NaN

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