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From Pete Wright <pwri...@rubiconproject.com>
Subject Sizing Cluster
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2014 18:12:45 GMT
Hi There,
	I have a question regarding sizing disk for kafka brokers.  Let's say I
have systems capable of providing 10TB of storage, and they act as Kafka
brokers.  If I were to deploy two of these nodes, and enable replication
in Kafka, would I actually have 10TB available for my producers to write
to?  Is there any overhead I should be concerned with?

I guess I am just wanting to make sure that there are not any major
pitfalls in deploying a two-node cluster, versus say a 3-node cluster.

Any advice or best-practices would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance,

Pete Wright
Systems Architect
Rubicon Project

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