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From Erik van Oosten <e.vanoos...@grons.nl.INVALID>
Subject Re: MBeans, dashes, underscores, and KAFKA-1481
Date Sun, 02 Nov 2014 20:10:54 GMT
Hi Jun,

The quotes are because of a regression in Metrics 2.2.0. IMHO Metrics 
2.2.0 should not be used because of this. Just downgrade to Metrics 
2.1.5 and you are good.

Of course, upgrading to Metrics 3 would do the trick also.

Kind regards,

Jun Rao schreef op 17-10-14 om 20:54:
> Hi, everyone,
> We are fixing the mbean names in kafka-1482, by adding separate explicit
> tags in the name for things like clientId and topic. Another thing that
> some people have complained before is that we use quotes in the jmx name.
> Should we also just get rid of the quotes as part of kafka-1482? So,
> instead of
>     "kafka.server":type="BrokerTopicMetrics",name="topic-1-BytesInPerSec"
> we will have
>     kafka.server:type=BrokerTopicMetrics,name=BytesInPerSec,topic=topic-1
> Thanks,
> Jun

Erik van Oosten

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