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From dinesh kumar <dinesh...@gmail.com>
Subject Consumer not getting data when there is a big lag in the topic
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2015 12:18:00 GMT
I am been facing some JAVA high level consumer related issues lately and
would like to understand more on this.

We have 9 bare-metals (48 core, 250 GB, Terabytes of Hard disks) running *Kafka
0.8.2* and 5 independent VM (8 core, 60 GB) running zookeeper.

I have a topic that has key as metadata and value as a file. The file can
be as large as *180 MB.* We have a topic with 90 partitions. Sometimes
there will be only one consumer consuming from the topic. When the consumer
group for my topic has a *lag in the range of 200's* and when I start a
consumer (no other consumer running before) there is *no data* coming
through to the consumer.

Please find below my consumer parameters.

"zookeeper.connect"                => <zookeepers>,
"group.id"                         => "default",
"consumer.timeout.ms"              => "-1",
"auto.offset.reset"                => "smallest",
"auto.commit.enable"               => "false",
"consumer.timeout.ms"          => "-1",
"zookeeper.session.timeout.ms" => "100000",
"zookeeper.connection.timeout.ms"  => "6000",
"zookeeper.sync.time.ms"           => "2000",
"rebalance.backoff.ms"             =>  "20000",
"rebalance.max.retries"            => "50"
"fetch.message.max.bytes"      => "188743680",
"fetch.size"                   => "18874368"

This problem occurs only when the *auto.offset.reset *property is *smallest.
*I am able to get data if the offset is largest. I tried using the *console
consumer* for the same topic and consumer group with *--from-beginning*
option, I can see the data getting printed. I looked into the
ConsoleConsumer code and I saw that there was no
*fetch.message.max.bytes *property
in the consumer option.

So I removed the *fetch.message.max.bytes *from my code and the consumer
started working but was throwing exception when the message is large.

So *fetch.message.max.bytes *seemed to be the problem but I cannot do
without it as my messages a big files. Can someone explain to me what is
the issue here? I also adjusted the *fetch.size *parameter according to my
max message size but it did not help.

To summerize, I would like to understand what is happening in the consumer
end when handling large lags with big *fetch.message.max.bytes. *


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