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From Thunder Stumpges <tstump...@ntent.com>
Subject RE: Turning on cleanup.policy=compact for a topic => not starting cleanup ?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2015 23:50:54 GMT
AH hah! The log-cleaner.log file did NOT go into the logs directory for some reason, found
it in the kafka root directory. But in there I found the following output:

[2015-02-03 15:43:08,128] INFO Cleaner 0: Beginning cleaning of log dev_testcompact-9. (kafka.log.LogCleaner)
[2015-02-03 15:43:08,129] INFO Cleaner 0: Building offset map for dev_testcompact-9... (kafka.log.LogCleaner)
[2015-02-03 15:43:08,222] INFO Cleaner 0: Building offset map for log dev_testcompact-9 for
15 segments in offset range [0, 230). (kafka.log.LogCleaner)
[2015-02-03 15:43:08,227] ERROR [kafka-log-cleaner-thread-0], Error due to  (kafka.log.LogCleaner)
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: requirement failed: Last clean offset is 0 but segment
base offset is 152 for log dev_testcompact -9.
        at scala.Predef$.require(Predef.scala:214)
        at kafka.log.Cleaner.buildOffsetMap(LogCleaner.scala:491)
        at kafka.log.Cleaner.clean(LogCleaner.scala:288)
        at kafka.log.LogCleaner$CleanerThread.cleanOrSleep(LogCleaner.scala:202)
        at kafka.log.LogCleaner$CleanerThread.doWork(LogCleaner.scala:187)
        at kafka.utils.ShutdownableThread.run(ShutdownableThread.scala:51)
[2015-02-03 15:43:08,232] INFO [kafka-log-cleaner-thread-0], Stopped  (kafka.log.LogCleaner)

It appears it doesn't like the fact that some of the log segments have been deleted already...
? From when I was using cleanup.policy=delete ?

"Last clean offset is 0 but segment base offset is 152 for log dev_vsw.avrodto.addelivery.machinelearning.adbanditmodel-9."


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From: Thunder Stumpges [mailto:tstumpges@ntent.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2015 3:37 PM
To: users@kafka.apache.org
Subject: RE: Turning on cleanup.policy=compact for a topic => not starting cleanup ?

Thanks Joel for the quick turnaround!

1st, I took a look at "max-dirty-percent" and noticed it is "100", so that's a good sign that
it *should* have something to clean.

2nd, I didn't realize the cleaner messages went to a different log! However I have NO log-cleaner.log
file in the normal logs directory. It does seem to be configured in log4j (we haven't changed
any of the defaults here):

log4j.appender.cleanerAppender.layout.ConversionPattern=[%d] %p %m (%c)%n

log4j.logger.kafka.log.LogCleaner=INFO, cleanerAppender log4j.additivity.kafka.log.LogCleaner=false

3rd, no messages using compaction, all messages have a key.

So, lastly the thread dump. Not sure exactly how to do that or what thread I'd be looking
for specifically... Found a suggestion to run 

Jstack -l <JAVA_PID> > jstack.out

So I did that, and looked for anything containing "Clean" or "clean" and no matches.

I will be trying to set the log level for LogCleaner to debug to see if that helps at all.

Thanks in advance,

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From: Joel Koshy [mailto:jjkoshy.w@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2015 3:07 PM
To: users@kafka.apache.org
Subject: Re: Turning on cleanup.policy=compact for a topic => not starting cleanup ?

- Can you check the log cleaner logs?
- Do you have any compressed messages in your log? Or messages without
  a key?
- By default it is in a log-cleaner.log file unless you modified that.
- Can you take a thread-dump to see if the log cleaner is still alive?
- Also, there is an mbean that you can poke: "max-dirty-percent" under
  log cleaner. Can you check on its value?



On Tue, Feb 03, 2015 at 10:59:27PM +0000, Thunder Stumpges wrote:
> Hi guys, I am having a difficult time getting the log compaction to run on a topic I
created initially with cleanup.policy=delete. Here's the details:
> 3 brokers, all have log.cleaner.enable=true (other than this 
> there are no non-defaults set in our server.properties)
> Create the topic first with policy=delete and a short window. Wanted to see that the
segments were being created and deleted by the "normal" delete retention. This seemed to work
fine. New segments created every 6 seconds while I add some test data, then the cleaner comes
along and deletes log segments after 1min.
> sudo bin/kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper zk1:2181/kafka --create --topic 
> dev_testcompact --partitions 10 --replication-factor 3 --config 
> cleanup.policy=delete --config segment.ms=6000 --config 
> retention.ms=60000
> Then I tried to update the policy to do compact:
> sudo bin/kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper zk1:2181/kafka --alter --topic 
> dev_testcompact --config cleanup.policy=compact --config 
> min.cleanable.dirty.ratio=0.3 -config delete.retention.ms=60000
> From this point, the deletion retention stopped cleaning up, but the compact cleaner
doesn't seem to be running at all. I was expecting that after 15 seconds (default for setting
log.cleaner.backoff.ms) the cleaner would come in and compact the old segments. I now have
generated 400 rows across 40 keys (so there is plenty to compact). Segments are being created
every 6 seconds per the config.
> I have also tried removing the deletion related config:
> sudo bin/kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper zk1:2181/kafka --alter --topic 
> dev_testcompact --deleteConfig retention.ms
> I then restarted one of the three brokers wondering if it needed to restart to pick up
new configs, still no clenup. What am I doing wrong?!

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