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From Albert Strasheim <full...@gmail.com>
Subject Follower brokers not syncing with 0.8.2
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2015 19:34:47 GMT
Hello folks

We have currently have a cluster of 20 nodes running Kafka
serving a large volume of production traffic.

I'm bringing up another 20 nodes with Kafka in the same
cluster, currently serving a test topic with 32 partitions spread
across the 20 new nodes, with replication factor 2.

I had a leader and an in-sync replica for all partitions. I recently
restarted the new nodes. After the restart, all the partitions of the
test topic still have leaders, but only 2 out of 32 partitions have

I enabled debug logging for one of the brokers that wasn't syncing,
but there doesn't seem to be anything useful in there. It doesn't seem
to be fetching from the leader at all.

I stopped it again and deleted its data directory completely and
restarted, but still no luck.

Anybody seen this before? Anything in the log that I can provide to
debug further?



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