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From Todd Palino <tpal...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Log Cleaner Thread Stops
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2015 13:47:53 GMT
Yes, this is a known concern, and it should be fixed with recent commits.
In the meantime, you'll have to do a little manual cleanup.

The problem you're running into is a corrupt message in the offsets topic.
We've seen this a lot. What you need to do is set the topic configuration
to remove the cleanup.policy config, and set retention.ms and segment.ms to
something reasonably low. I suggest using a value of 3 or 4 times your
commit interval for consumers. Then wait until the log segments are reaped
(wait twice as long as the retention.ms you chose, to be safe). Once this
is done, you can set the topic configuration back the way it was (remove
segment.ms and retention.ms configs, and set cleanup.policy=compact).
Lastly, you'll need to do a rolling bounce of the cluster to restart the
brokers (which restarts the log cleaner threads). Technically, you only
need to restart brokers where the threads have died, but it's easier to
just restart all of them.

Keep in mind that when you do this, you are deleting old offsets. If your
consumers are all live and healthy, this shouldn't be a problem because
they will just continue to commit their offsets properly. But if you have
an offline consumer, you'll lose the committed offsets by doing this.


On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 5:31 AM, John Holland <
john.holland@objectpartners.com> wrote:

> I've been experiencing this issue across several of our environments ever
> since we enabled the log cleaner for the __consumer_offsets topic.
> We are on version of kafka, using the new producer.  All of our
> consumers are set to commit to kafka only.
> Below is the stack trace in the log I've encountered across several
> different clusters.  A simple restart of kafka will allow compaction to
> continue on all of the other partitions but the incorrect one will always
> fail.
> Here are the values for it from the kafka-topics --describe command:
> Topic:__consumer_offsets PartitionCount:50 ReplicationFactor:3
> Configs:segment.bytes=104857600,cleanup.policy=compact
> Are there any recommendations on how to prevent this and the best way to
> recover from this exception?  This is causing disk space to fill up quickly
> on the node.
> I did see an open issue that seems very similar to this
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KAFKA-1641 but this is the
> __consumer_offsets topic which I have not had any part in setting up nor
> producing to.
> [2015-09-18 02:57:25,520] INFO Cleaner 0: Beginning cleaning of log
> __consumer_offsets-17. (kafka.log.LogCleaner)
> [2015-09-18 02:57:25,520] INFO Cleaner 0: Building offset map for
> __consumer_offsets-17... (kafka.log.LogCleaner)
> [2015-09-18 02:57:25,609] INFO Cleaner 0: Building offset map for log
> __consumer_offsets-17 for 46 segments in offset range [468079184,
> 528707475). (kafka.log.LogCleaner)
> [2015-09-18 02:57:25,645] ERROR [kafka-log-cleaner-thread-0], Error due to
>  (kafka.log.LogCleaner)
> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: requirement failed: Last clean offset
> is 468079184 but segment base offset is 0 for log __consumer_offsets-17.
>         at scala.Predef$.require(Predef.scala:233)
>         at kafka.log.Cleaner.buildOffsetMap(LogCleaner.scala:509)
>         at kafka.log.Cleaner.clean(LogCleaner.scala:307)
>         at
> kafka.log.LogCleaner$CleanerThread.cleanOrSleep(LogCleaner.scala:221)
>         at kafka.log.LogCleaner$CleanerThread.doWork(LogCleaner.scala:199)
>         at kafka.utils.ShutdownableThread.run(ShutdownableThread.scala:60)
> [2015-09-18 02:57:25,654] INFO [kafka-log-cleaner-thread-0], Stopped
>  (kafka.log.LogCleaner)
> -John

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