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From Craig Swift <craig.sw...@returnpath.com.INVALID>
Subject Re: MirrorMaker - Not consuming from all partitions
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2015 14:52:21 GMT
Just wanted to bump this again and see if the community had any thoughts or
if we're just missing something stupid. For added context the topic we're
reading from has 24 partitions and we see roughly 15k messages per minute.
As I mentioned before the throughput seems fine, but I'm not entirely sure
how the MirrorMaker cycles through it's topics/partitions and why it would
read very slowly or bypass reading from certain partitions.

Craig J. Swift
Software Engineer - Data Pipeline
ReturnPath Inc.
Work: 303-999-3220 Cell: 720-560-7038

On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 9:29 AM, Craig Swift <craig.swift@returnpath.com>

> Hello,
> Hope everyone is doing well. I was hoping to get some assistance with a
> strange issue we're experiencing while using the MirrorMaker to pull data
> down from an 8 node Kafka cluster in AWS into our data center. Both Kafka
> clusters and the mirror are using version with dedicated Zookeeper
> clusters for each cluster respectively (running 3.4.5).
> The problem we're seeing is that the mirror starts up and begins consuming
> from the cluster on a specific topic. It correctly attaches to all 24
> partitions for that topic - but inevitably there are a series of partitions
> that either don't get read or are read at a very slow rate. Those
> partitions are always associated with the same brokers. For example, all
> partitions on broker 2 won't be read or all partitions on broker 2 and 4
> won't be read. On restarting the mirror, these 'stuck' partitions may stay
> the same or move. If they move the backlog is drained very quickly. If we
> add more mirrors for additional capacity the same situation happens except
> that each mirror has it's own set of stuck partitions. I've included the
> mirror's configurations below along with samples from the logs.
> 1) The partition issue seems to happen when the mirror first starts up.
> Once in a blue moon it reads from everything normally, but on restart it
> can easily get back into this state.
> 2) We're fairly sure it isn't a processing/throughput issue. We can turn
> the mirror off for a while, incur a large backlog of data, and when it is
> enabled it chews through the data very quickly minus the handful of stuck
> partitions.
> 3) We've looked at both the zookeeper and broker logs and there doesn't
> seem to be anything out of the normal. We see the mirror connecting, there
> are a few info messages about zookeeper nodes already existing, etc. No
> specific errors.
> 4) We've enabled debugging on the mirror and we've noticed that during the
> zk heartbeat/updates we're missing these messages for the 'stuck'
> partitions:
> [2015-09-08 18:38:12,157] DEBUG Reading reply sessionid:0x14f956bd57d21ee,
> packet:: clientPath:null serverPath:null finished:false header:: 357,5
>  replyHeader:: 357,8597251893,0  request::
> '/consumers/mirror-kafkablk-kafka-gold-east-to-kafkablk-den/offsets/MessageHeadersBody/5,#34303537353838,-1
>  response::
> s{4295371756,8597251893,1439969185754,1441759092134,19500,0,0,0,7,0,4295371756}
>  (org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn)
> i.e. we see this message for all the processing partitions, but never for
> the stuck ones. There are no errors in the log prior to this though, and
> once in a great while we might see a log entry for one of the stuck
> partitions.
> 5) We've checked latency/response time with zookeeper from the brokers and
> the mirror and it appears fine.
> Mirror consumer config:
> group.id=mirror-kafkablk-kafka-gold-east-to-kafkablk-den
> consumer.id=mirror-kafkablk-mirror00-den-kafka-gold-east-to-kafkablk-den
> zookeeper.connect=zk.strange.dev.net:2181
> fetch.message.max.bytes=15728640
> socket.receive.buffer.bytes=64000000
> socket.timeout.ms=60000
> zookeeper.connection.timeout.ms=60000
> zookeeper.session.timeout.ms=30000
> zookeeper.sync.time.ms=4000
> auto.offset.reset=smallest
> auto.commit.interval.ms=20000
> Mirror producer config:
> client.id=mirror-kafkablk-mirror00-den-kafka-gold-east-to-kafkablk-den
> metadata.broker.list=kafka00.lan.strange.dev.net:9092,
> kafka01.lan.strange.dev.net:9092,kafka02.lan.strange.dev.net:9092,
> kafka03.lan.strange.dev.net:9092,kafka04.lan.strange.dev.net:9092
> request.required.acks=1
> producer.type=async
> request.timeout.ms=20000
> retry.backoff.ms=1000
> message.send.max.retries=6
> serializer.class=kafka.serializer.DefaultEncoder
> send.buffer.bytes=134217728
> compression.codec=gzip
> Mirror startup settings:
> --num.streams 2 --num.producers 4
> Any thoughts/suggestions would be very helpful. At this point we're
> running out of things to try.
> Craig J. Swift
> Software Engineer

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