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From Dana Powers <dana.pow...@gmail.com>
Subject The JIRA Awakens [KAFKA-1841]
Date Thu, 24 Dec 2015 00:11:41 GMT
Hi all,

I've been helping debug an issue filed against kafka-python related to
compatibility w/ Hortonworks kafka release. As I understand it, HDP
is currently based on snapshots of apache/kafka trunk, merged with some
custom patches from HDP itself.

In this case, HDP's kafka release missed a compatibility patch that
I believe is critical for third-party library support. Unfortunately the
patch -- KAFKA-1841 -- was initially only applied to the 0.8.2 branch (it
was merged to trunk several months later in KAFKA-2068). Because it wasn't
on trunk, it didn't get included in the HDP kafka releases.

If you recall, KAFKA-1841 was needed to maintain backwards and forwards
compatibility wrt the change from zookeeper to kafka-backed offset storage.
Not having this patch is fine if you only ever use the clients / libraries
distributed in the that release -- and I imagine that is probably most
folks that are using it. But if you remember the thread on this issue back
in the 0.8.2-beta review, the API incompatibility made third-party clients
hard to develop and maintain if the goal is to support multiple broker
versions w/ the same client code [this is the goal of kafka-python].
Anyways, I'm really glad that the fix made it into the apache release, but
now I'm sad that it didn't make it into HDP's release.

Anyways, I think there's a couple takeaways here:

(1) I'd recommend anyone using HDP who intends to use third-party kafka
consumers should upgrade to or later. That version appears to
include the compatibility patch (KAFKA-2068). Of course if anyone is on
list from HDP, they may be able to provide better help on this.

(2) I think more care should probably be taken to help vendors or anyone
tracking changes on trunk wrt released versions. Is there a list of all
KAFKA-XXXX patches that are released but not merged into trunk ? KAFKA-1841
is obviously near and dear to my heart, but I wonder if there are other
patches like it?

Happy holidays to all, and may the force be with you


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