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From Ivan Dyachkov <...@dyachkov.org>
Subject kafka delete topic issue
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2016 16:10:43 GMT

We're running cluster of 3 kafka- nodes and delete.topic.enable is set to true on all

Today we tried to delete one of the topics. I waited ~20 minutes after the kafka-topics.sh
--delete was executed but the topic was still there.

--describe showed Leader: -1 and only one of three brokers (1, 2 or 3) in ISR for all partitions.

The topic had the following configuration:
partitions: 50
replication factor: 3
unclean.leader.election.enable: false
min.insync.replicas: 2

Then I restarted one of the nodes with the hope to trigger retry on topic deletion. After
that things went nuts and we had short cluster downtime before I managed to recover it and
get to the same point when we were before the restart. The topic was still there.

Since we successfully deleted topics before on the same cluster some time ago, the only thing
which could be different is someone could hold an open connection or a consumer group linked
to the topic. According to previous similar issues described in this group this could make
topic deletion to fail. We had shut down the service responsible for this topic, triggered
preferred replica election, but that didn't help. Also we set retention.bytes topic config
to 1, waited for retention.interval.ms, nothing changed.

The only option to recover which we see is shut down all nodes, delete the topic from file
system, remove the topic from zookeeper on /config/topics/ and /admin/delete_topics and start
the nodes again.

So my question is really is it possible to recover from this situation, either cancel topic
deletion or finally delete it, without cluster downtime?



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