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From Aaron <aarongm...@gmail.com>
Subject Is there a way to move between Zookeeper Ensembles?
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2016 13:00:42 GMT
To set the stage:

We currently have 2 zookeeper ensembles (ZK1 and ZK2), which are
running and stable.  We are in the process of consolidating to just
one.  Currently we have a set of brokers "registered" to the ZK1
ensemble, which does have some topics.  We can shutdown the brokers
(for a short period of time) and stop the producers & consumers as
well to make this move. So it doesn't have to stay online while we do
this transition.

Is there a way to move the Kafka ZNode data from ZK1 ensemble to the other?

Basically, the brokers won't move and their log data will stay exactly
where it is, only the broker configs will change to what zookeeper
ensemble they "point" to will change.

Also, I know that the consumers will need to change their zookeeper
settings (which can be done)....how will this affect them?  I assume
that it all depends on the offset management they used.

Thanks in advance.


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