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From Caleb Welton <ca...@autonomic.ai>
Subject Using the vagrant image on aws
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2016 23:16:46 GMT

I'm having trouble getting `vagrant/vagrant-up.sh --aws` to work properly.

The issue I'm having is as follows:

1. The vagrant install and provisioning complete successfully.
2. ssh into the cluster locally works and running from there works fine
3. connecting to the cluster can be made to work if I manually edit my
/etc/hosts file


bash$  kafka-console-producer --topic test --broker-list

Works if `broker1` is registered in my local /etc/hosts file, but not

This results from the fact that the advertised listener in zookeeper is
registered as 'broker1' rather than as the external facing ip name of the
node in aws.

Is there any way to configure the vagrant installation such that the broker
gets advertised in zookeeper with the fqdn of the externally facing address
of the aws node rather than an unqualified 'broker1' that then requires
local aliasing in /etc/hosts?

For reference, here is my Vagrantfile.local

enable_dns = true
enable_hostmanager = true

# General configuration
num_zookeepers = 1
num_brokers = 3
num_workers = 0

# Items for deployment into aws
ec2_region = "us-west-2"
ec2_instance_type  = "m3.medium"
ec2_associate_public_ip = true
ec2_subnet_id  = "subnet-11447875"
ec2_security_groups = ["sg-c1dd7eb8"]        # "vagrant-kafka"
ec2_keypair_name  = "kafka"
ec2_keypair_file = "/Users/cwelton/.aws/kafka.pem"

# ------- Ubuntu AMI --------
ec2_user              = "ubuntu"
ec2_ami               = "ami-29ebb519"


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