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From Igor Velichko <igor.velic...@dataart.com>
Subject Consumer group restart on in-memory Kafka cluster
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2016 16:20:34 GMT
I'm using in-memory Kafka cluster - 2.11 (2 in-memory 
KafkaServers bound with in-memory zookeeper) with java-based consumer 
for integration tests. One of the test scenarios  checks that 
application still receives messages after it was restarted. It relies on 
the fact that restarted consumer group receives the messages from the 
topic i.e.:
- start Kafka cluster in the same JVM as my tests (2 brokers)
- create a topic (2 partitions, 2 replicas)
- create producer
- create consumer group (2 consumers in the same group)
- send a message 1 and verify that message is received by the group
- stop consumer group
- send message 2
- start consumers again
- verify that 2 was received

Unfortunately, this test scenario fails accidentally.

To verify that consumer group is truly started, I wait until 
GroupManager on any of the brokers ( 
consumerCoordinator().groupManager().currentGroups() ) contains my 
consumer group in Stable state   -  and only after that I send a 
message. The problem is that this check does not always work after the 
group has been stopped , group could remain in PreparingRebalance state 
long time.
I tried to wait until the group is completely removed from GroupManager 
but since group rebalancing is an eventual process, it also fails 
accidentally. Rebalancing occurs once per 1000 requests and there's no 
way to have an influence on it.

So my question is, whether it is possible to check that consumer group 
is stable after it is restarted.

Thank you in advance.


Best regards,
Igor Velichko

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