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From Json Tu <kafka...@126.com>
Subject log.flush.interval.messages setting of Kafka
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2016 10:17:46 GMT
Hi all,
	we have a cluster of with 3 nodes, we have a topic with 3 replicas, and send it with
ack -1, our sending latency is avg 7ms. I prepare to optimize performance of cluster through
adjusting some params.
we find our brokers has set config item as below,
and other relevant parameter is default, and I find the default value of log.flush.interval.messages
is LONG.MAX_VALUE, because of setting this config will flush intiative that may affect performace
. I wonder can I cancel this config  item’s setting, and use default value.

	I think use default value may have two drawback as below.
		1.recovery checkpoint can not be updated,so when load segments,it will scan from begin
to end.
		2.it may lose data when leader partition’s broker’s vm is restart,but I think 3 replicas
can remedy this drawback if the network between them is good.

	any suggestions? thank you

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