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From Michal Borowiecki <michal.borowie...@openbet.com>
Subject Re: How to chain increasing window operations one after another
Date Sun, 07 May 2017 15:09:44 GMT
Hi Garrett,

I've encountered a similar challenge in a project I'm working on (it's 
still work in progress, so please take my suggestions with a grain of salt).

Yes, I believe KTable.groupBy lets you accomplish what you are aiming 
for with something like the following (same snippet attached as txt file):

KTable<Windowed<Key>, Value> oneMinuteWindowed = yourStream    // where 
Key and Value stand for your actual key and value types


     .reduce(/*your adder*/, TimeWindows.of(60*1000, 60*1000), "store1m");

         //where your adder can be as simple as (val, agg) -> agg + val

         //for primitive types or as complex as you need

KTable<Windowed<Tuple2<Key, Long>>, Value> fiveMinuteWindowed = 
oneMinuteWindowed // Tuple2 for this example as defined by javaslang library

     .groupBy( (windowedKey, value) -> new KeyValue<>(new 
Tuple2<>(windowedKey.key(), windowedKey.window().end() /1000/60/5 
*1000*60*5), value)

         // the above rounds time down to a timestamp divisible by 5 minutes

     .reduce(/*your adder*/, /*your subtractor*/, "store5m");

         // where your subtractor can be as simple as (val, agg) -> agg 
- valfor primitive types or as complex as you need,

         // just make sure you get the order right (lesson hard learnt 
;) ), subtraction is not commutative!

KTable<Windowed<Tuple2<Key, Long>>, Value> fifteenMinuteWindowed = 

     .groupBy( (keyPair, value) -> new KeyValue<>(new Tuple2(keyPair._1, 
keyPair._2/1000/60/15 *1000*60*15), value)

         // the above rounds time down to a timestamp divisible by 15 

     .reduce(/*your adder*/, /*your subtractor*/, "store15m");

KTable<Windowed<Tuple2<Key, Long>>, Value> sixtyMinuteWindowed = 

     .groupBy( (keyPair, value) -> new KeyValue<>(new 
Tuple2(keyPairair._1, pair._2 /1000/60/60 *1000*60*60), value)

         // the above rounds time down to a timestamp divisible by 5 minutes

     .reduce(/*your adder*/, /*your subtractor*/, "store60m");

So, step by step:

  * You use a windowed aggregation only once, from there on you use the
    KTable abstraction only (which doesn't have windowed aggregations).
  * In each subsequent groupBy you map the key to a pair of
    (your-real-key, timestamp) where the timestamp is rounded down with
    the precision of the size of the new window.
  * reduce() on a KGroupedTable takes an adder and a subtractor and it
    will correctly update the new aggregate by first subtracting the
    previous value of the upstream record before adding the new value
    (this way, just as you said, the downstream is aware of the
    statefulness of the upstream and correctly treats each record as an
  * If you want to reduce message volume further, you can break these
    into separate KafkaStreams instances and configure downstream ones
    with a higher commit.interval.ms (unfortunately you can't have
    different values of this setting in different places of the same
    topology I'm afraid)
  * TODO: Look into retention policies, I haven't investigated that in
    any detail.

I haven't tested this exact code, so please excuse any typos.

Also, if someone with more experience could chip in and check if I'm not 
talking nonsense here, or if there's an easier way to this, that would 
be great.

I don't know if the alternative approach is possible, where you convert 
each resulting KTable back into a stream and just do a windowed 
aggregation somehow. That would feel more natural, but I haven't figured 
out how to correctly window over a changelog in the KStream abstraction, 
feels impossible in the high-level DSL.

Hope that helps,

On 02/05/17 18:03, Garrett Barton wrote:
> Lets say I want to sum values over increasing window sizes of 1,5,15,60
> minutes.  Right now I have them running in parallel, meaning if I am
> producing 1k/sec records I am consuming 4k/sec to feed each calculation.
> In reality I am calculating far more than sum, and in this pattern I'm
> looking at something like (producing rate)*(calculations)*(windows) for a
> consumption rate.
>   So I had the idea, could I feed the 1 minute window into the 5 minute, and
> 5 into 15, and 15 into 60.  Theoretically I would consume a fraction of the
> records, not have to scale as huge and be back to something like (producing
> rate)*(calculations)+(updates).
>    Thinking this is an awesome idea I went to try and implement it and got
> twisted around.  These are windowed grouping operations that produce
> KTables, which means instead of a raw stream I have an update stream.  To
> me this implies that downstream must be aware of this and consume stateful
> information, knowing that each record is an update and not an in addition
> to.  Does the high level api handle that construct and let me do that?  For
> a simple sum it would have to hold each of the latest values for say the 5
> 1 minute sum's in a given window, to perform the 5 minute sum.  Reading the
> docs which are awesome, I cannot determine if the KTable.groupby() would
> work over a window, and would reduce or aggregate thus do what I need?
> Any ideas?

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