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From Joao Reis <joao.r...@blip.pt>
Subject Kafka Producer Metrics strange values
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2017 11:02:12 GMT
Hi guys,

We have a 3 producers producing for a kafka topic with 3 partitions.
We have a scheme were each producer, produces for one partition. All producers connect to
all partitions but we ensure that each producer only sends messages for one partition.

The odd thing is that when looking to the producer metrics, kafka.producer:type=producer-node-metrics,client-id=producer-N,node-id=node-X
(where N is producer number and X the leader node of the partition it connects to) for the
client-id that should not have any message flowing, we get the following values:

incoming-byte-rate       876.0695011188626
outgoing-byte-rate       174.53683898779164
request-latency-avg       0.0
request-latency-max      -Infinity
request-rate                3.356477672842147
request-size-avg        52.0
request-size-max        52.0
response-rate                3.356588126892194

The request-latency-avg, request-latency-max, request-size-avg and request-size-max never
change and its values seems to have never being set, but all the others are always changing.
This looks like a bug in metrics and we have almost confidence that no messages are flowing
through this client-id (which is what we want), but we need to know more why this strange
behaviour in metrics.

All other clients, were messages are really flowing don’t have this issue and their metrics
are fine.

Has anyone had this kind of issue ?

Thanks all for your help.

João Reis

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