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From Afonso Mukai <Afonso.Mu...@esss.se>
Subject Can the broker listen on multiple interfaces
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2017 11:00:03 GMT

We are running Kafka brokers on servers with multiple network interfaces, some of them connected
to different networks. To illustrate it, this is an example server configuration:

- 172.X.Y.Z: data network
- 172.X.Y.W: data network
- 10.A.B.C: management network

where the data and management network are two separate networks.

Is it possible to configure the broker to listen on all of these interfaces at the same time,
and to select which network is used per client connection? I have tried to set listeners=PLAINTEXT://<port>,
but in that case, when I ran the Kafka producer performance test passing an IP address on
the data network, the management network ended up being used instead.

Thanks in advance,

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