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From "Nick" <394299...@qq.com>
Subject when will zk path "/kafka/brokers/topics/__consumer_offsets/partitions/{number}/state" be updated
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2017 11:42:34 GMT

May I seek your help about below issue?

Currently, I have met a issue as below:

 1) I start a zk from docker as below:

 2) And then I start the kafka from docker as below:

 3) Every work fine, msg can be produced/consumed to/from kafka successfully

 4) Then I remove the kafka with command "docker-compose -f kafka.yml down"

 5) And then I start the kafka again with command "docker-compose -f kafka up -d", which I
encounter below issue:
  * old topic createby step 2 can't be connected any more (i.e. can't produced/consumed to/from
this topic)
  * For new topic, it only can be send msg, but can't consume msg. (Got error: NOT_COORDINARY_AVAILABLE)

Below are my some research:

 * It was caused by the zk path "/kafka/brokers/topics __consumer_offsets/partitions/{number}/state"
won't be updated by the kafka broker by step, which the leader info is still be the one created
by step 2

 * And I have tried to set the "unclean.leader.election.enabled" to true, but it doesn't work.

 * Everything would be ok if I delete the path "/kafka/brokers/topics" manually before step

 * attach logs from step 2(1st_kafka.log) & step 5(2nd_kafka.log)

May I know the answer about below issue?

 a) Is there any setting, which will lead the new kafka to update the path "/kafka/brokers/topics/__consumer_offsets/partitions"?

 b) when will zk path "/kafka/brokers/topics/__consumer_offsets/partitions/{number}/state"
be updated?

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