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From Sharath Gururaj <e2718...@gmail.com>
Subject Unordered messaging without partitions
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2017 11:10:07 GMT
Hi All,

In our company, we extensively use kafka and love the scalability and
durability guarantees that it offers.

However, almost all use cases in the company are for unordered messages,
where there are latency sensitive "online" producers pumping messages to
kafka, which is then processed leisurely by offline consumers.

In such cases where ordering is not that important, The dev-ops work around
maintaining partitions becomes increasingly painful.

There are solutions like kafka cluster manager etc, but this post is about
the very need of partitions in an unordered messaging system.

When we drop the ordering constraint, The design of the cluster of message
brokers becomes very simple: All producer round-robin equally among all
brokers and broker skew becomes non-existent. Some issues which can be
solved without partitions are:

*Partition are rigid*
Increasing the number of partitions is a chore, while decreasing partitions
on a topic is not possible at all, without resorting to something like a
surgery on the cluster. As the load for topics changes, partitions tend to
get skewed across the brokers, leading to multiple problems: Some brokers
have heavy load while other brokers are idle. Some brokers are getting
their disks full while others are relatively empty.

*Adding brokers is not seamless*
Adding new brokers means that we have to manually recompute all the
partitions to broker mapping and run an expensive rebalancing mechanism.
Kafka does not support this kind of rebalancing natively.

We have written sophisticated custom rebalancer scripts to take care of
partition distribution, but the actual rebalancing is still time-consuming.

*In-sync replicas, ack=-1 and under-replicated partitions (oh my!)*
The existing design of kafka forces a fairly complicated model of
replication in terms of in-sync replicas, acks=-1.
An otherwise functioning broker can go “out-of-sync” which means that
broker-partition has not caught up with

*Consumer paralellism is affected by number of partitions*
In kafka, one cannot have more consumers (per group) than partitions. This
imposes an artificial bottleneck. A lot of our ops include tuning the
number of partitions because consumers keep changing the amount of
parallelism the want

Kafka occupies a very important niche of scalable ordered messaging system

But I wanted to know what the community thinks about an unordered messaging
system that primarily functions as an "online" to "offline" messaging broker

-- Does your company really depend on ordering a lot?
-- Do you face issues ops issues dealing with partitions?


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