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From Tarun Garg <bigdat...@live.com>
Subject Kafka isync replica
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2017 19:53:15 GMT

I have a Kafka cluster and it is running from a long time, just today I realize that some
of the topic partition are not in good state, there Isr is been reduced to 2 from 3 even though
the node of the lost replica is working 

Topic: XYZ Partition 82 Leader: 1 Replicas:1,2,3 Isr:1,2 <- problem
Topic: XYZ Partition 83 Leader: 2 Replicas:2,3,4 Isr:3,2,4
Topic: XYZ Partition 84 Leader: 3 Replicas:3,4,5 Isr:3,4,5

How can I fix bring replica 3 in isr for partition 82.

Any help is appreciated.

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