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From Brilly Tsang <brilly.ts...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Does Kafka consumer api provide a way for you to search for partition number of a topic with key?
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2018 14:30:32 GMT
Many thanks Andras!!! That's exactly what I am looking for. 


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On Jan 22, 2018, 21:37, at 21:37, Andras Beni <andrasbeni@cloudera.com> wrote:
>Hi Brilly,
>Do I understand right, that you want your consumers to consume only
>from a
>given partition / partitions based on a preconfigured value?
>You need to copy the mechanism the default partitioner (if this is used
>producer side) uses to determine partition.
> )
>You can do this the following way
>import org.apache.kafka.common.utils.Utils;
>String topicToConsume = ...;
>Object theKeyYouWantToConsume = ...;
>byte[] theKeyAsByteArray = yourKeySerializer.serialize(topicToConsume,
>int partition = Utils.toPositive(Utils.murmur2(theKeyAsByteArray)) %
>However, still this way you will receive messages with different keys
>map to the same partition.
>I recommend you create separate topics for separate kinds of messages
>rely on default partition assignment instead of producing all messages
>the same topic and assigning partitions manually. And if you still need
>consume all messages as if they were in one stream, you still can
>to multiple topics with a pattern.
>On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 3:08 AM, TSANG, Brilly
>> Hi folks,
>> I'm working with a topic that have many messages. Kafka is scale
>> horizontally. As a result, when they spread out to multiple
>processes, only
>> 1 will work with the specific key. The rest are not related and
>should stop
>> the processing.
>> Is there a way from the client API to hash the partition number from
>> key? With the partition number, we can stop the other processor from
>> wasting cycle and start processing other events
>> Regards,
>> Brilly
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