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From 许志峰 <zhifengx...@gmail.com>
Subject When a broker down, Producer LOST messages!
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2018 08:59:26 GMT
Hi all,

I have a kafka cluster with 3 nodes: node1, node2, node3

*kafka version is, which I can not change!*

A Producer writes msg to kafka, its code framework is like this in

Properties props = new Properties();props.put("bootstrap.servers",
"node1:9092,node2:9092,node3:9092");props.put(key serializer and value
for(i = 0; i < 10; ++i){
    producer = new Producer(props);
    msg = "this is msg " + i;

After the first 4 messages are send successfully, I killed broker on
node1.  the 5th and 6th messages are LOST.

Producer first get the broker list from the PropertyConfig, i.e. [node1,
node2, node3], then* producer choose one broker, connect with it and get
METADATA from it. *

* I heard that when one broker in the list is unavailable, the kafka client
will change to another *

*But in my case, **if the broker choose node1, which is already dead, it
will get a Fetch MetaData Timeout Exception and STOPPED! msg is not writed
into Kafka.  *

*Attached is the complete Log. you can only focus on the colorful lines.*

you can see that, I wrote 10 msgs to Kafka, the first 4 succeed, when I
kill one broker, msg5 and msg6 are LOST, because the choose NODE1,
msg7,8,9,10 are succeed because they did not choose node1.

I checkout the Kafka source codes and get nothing.

Do anybody know the reason?  where are the related classes/functions
located in the source code?

Any clue will be appreciated!

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