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From 杰 杨 <funk...@live.com>
Subject 答复: which Kafka StateStore could I use ?
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2018 02:33:06 GMT
Yes .but the DB’s Concurrent quantity is  the limitation.
Now I can process 600 records/second
And I want enhance it

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发送时间: 2018年3月2日 2:59
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主题: Re: which Kafka StateStore could I use ?

Hello Jie,

Just to understand your problem better, are you referring "db" for an
external storage engine outside Kafka Streams, and you are asking how to
only send one record per aggregation key (assuming you are doing some
aggregations with Streams' statestore) to that end storage engine?


On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 7:53 PM, 杰 杨 <funkyyj@live.com> wrote:

> HI:
> I use kafka streams for real-time data analysis
> and I meet a problem.
> now I process a record in kafka and compute it and send to db.
> but db concurrency level is not suit for me.
> so I want that
> 1)when there is not data in kakfa ,the statestore is  no results.
> 2) when there is a lot of data records in kafka the statestore save
> computed result and I need send its once to db.
> which StateStoe can I use for do that above
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> funkyyj@live.com

-- Guozhang

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