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From "M. Manna" <manme...@gmail.com>
Subject Question regarding offset commits by Consumers - docs
Date Wed, 30 May 2018 16:23:02 GMT

I was trying to remember from docs (it's been a while) how the last
committed offsets work i.e. whether it's being tracked per consumer
group-basis or something else. This is specific to when auto.offset.reset
is set to "earliest"/"latest" and the last committed offset is determined.

. For example:

1) C0, C1, C2 are subscribed to topics t0 and t1 - each topic has 3
2) Using range assignment - C0 [t0p0,t1p0] C1[t0p1,t1p1] and C2[t0p2,t1p2]
3) Now C2 dies or leaves, or "Deactivates" - now rebalance occurs
4) After Rebalance - C0[t0p0, t0p1, t1p0, t1p1] and C1[t0p2, t1p2] are the
new assignments

Assuming that C0,C1,C2 are both part of *same *consumer group, and C2
successfully committed to offset #6 (t0p2 and t1p2) before leaving, will #6
be considered as the latest committed offset for that consumer group? In
other words, reassignment of that partition to any existing consumer under
that group will acknowlede #6 as the latest offset?

If someone could quote the docs, it'll be appreciated. Meanwhile, I will
try to figure out something from the code if possible.


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