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From "Young, Ben" <Ben.Yo...@fisglobal.com.INVALID>
Subject Copy topic to offline file
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2018 17:47:52 GMT

We have a requirement that we need to be able to copy a portion of a Kafka topic to a file
(perhaps between a range of timestamps) which can then be loaded into a Kafka instance on
a different machine. This machine may have a different number of partitions etc for the topic.
We can't connect them via connect or anything, this is more for offline analysis of data that
produce issues in our software, or for providing data for regression tests.

I'm happy to write a tool to do this (I think the OffsetsForTimestamp API does what I need),
but does anyone know of any tools out there that do something like this? I've had an initial
google, but I can't find anything


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