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From Peter Levart <peter.lev...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: How does the /tmp/kafka-streams folder work?
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2018 12:42:15 GMT
Hi Matthias,

Just a couple of questions about that...

On 12/27/18 9:57 PM, Matthias J. Sax wrote:
> All data is backed in the Kafka cluster. Data that is stored locally, is
> basically a cache, and Kafka Streams will recreate the local data if you
> loose it.
> Thus, I am not sure how the KTable data could be stale. One possibility
> might be a miss-configuration: I assume that you read the topic directly
> as a table (ie, builder.table("topic")). If you do this, the used input
> topic must be configured with log compaction --- if it is configured
> with retention, you might loose data from the input topic and if you
> also loose the local cache, Kafka Streams cannot recreate the local
> state because it was deleted from the topic (log compaction will guard
> the input topic from data loss).

Is it really necessary to keep the whole log topic of a particular local 
store? Such log will grow indefinitely. Replay of such log will take 
more and more time. Do kafka streams write just changelog to such topic 
or do they eventually write a snapshot of the current store too?

If I configure 'num.standby.replicas' with number > 0, will such 
replicas keep its own synchronized local store on disk? In that case 
loosing an active stream processor will fallback to standby processor 
and the log will only be replayed from the offset that has not been 
applied yet to the local store of the stand-by processor, meaning that 
we don't need to keep the whole log. But we need to be sure not to loose 
all local stores of all stand-by and active processor(s) then. In case a 
stand-by processor that has been chosen to be promoted to active role 
does not have local store any more, the whole log will be needed again, 

Suppose that the store that is needed is a WindowStore which only keeps 
data for a limited number of past windows. Would the "useable" part of 
such store be possible to reconstruct from the limited number of past 
log records so that full log would not be necessary?

Regards, Peter

> -Matthias
> On 12/24/18 12:22 PM, Edmondo Porcu wrote:
>> Hello Kafka users,
>> we are running a Kafka Streams as a fully stateless application, meaning
>> that we are not persisting /tmp/kafka-streams on a durable volume but we
>> are rather losing it at each restart. This application is performing a
>> KTable-KTable join of data coming from Kafka Connect, and sometimes we want
>> to force the output to tick so we update records in the right table from
>> the database, but we see that the left table is "stale".
>> Is it possible that because of reboots, the application loses some messages
>> ? How is the state reconstructed when /tmp/kafka-streams is not available?
>> Is the state saved in an intermediate topic?
>> Thanks,
>> Edmondo

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