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From Jan Filipiak <Jan.Filip...@trivago.com>
Subject Re: Doubts in Kafka
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2019 16:18:46 GMT

On 08.01.2019 17:11, aruna ramachandran wrote:
> I need to process single sensor messages in serial (order of messages
> should not be changed)at the same time I have to process 10000 sensors
> messages in parallel please help me to configure the topics and partitions.

If you want to process event in order, you only need to make sure that 
the messages of every sensor go into the same partition. Not every 
sensor needs partition of its own. Just use sensor_id or UUID or 
something as a key while producing. Then you can freely pick the number 
of partitions.

Then take the retention time and throughput and try to come out at ~50GB 
at rest. If you need more throughput you can still use more partitions then

best Jan

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