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From Daniel Nägele <kafka-us...@danieln.de>
Subject Setting log.dir to a tmpfs
Date Tue, 07 May 2019 09:22:42 GMT

I'm currently running a Kafka Cluster with a retention policy of 30mins
and 10min log segments. In practice, this uses less than 20GB of file
system space. Thus, I've been thinking about having no persistent
storage at all.

In the worst case, I do not mind losing the last 30min of historic
messages, as long as the live availability is given.

It is very hard to find any documentation regarding a setup like this,
but I hesitate to just go ahead and configure log.dir to point to a
tmpfs mount.

1. Does anyone have experience with a setup like this?
2. How does Kafka like starting up with a empty log.dir? (after a reboot)
3. Does it make a difference if the whole Cluster starts empty vs a
single node?


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