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From Marina Popova <ppin...@protonmail.com.INVALID>
Subject SELECT * from table shows no data until new messages come in
Date Mon, 06 May 2019 20:40:24 GMT
Trying to understand if I'm missing something...
I'm using Confluent KSQL setup (running all components in Docker containers). I've created
a Table from a Stream, as following:

CREATE TABLE rc_ip_key_agg_ptable AS
SELECT remote_addr,
FROM rc_events_full
GROUP BY remote_addr;

I verified that the Stream "rc_events_full" gets events OK from its underlying topic.
I did "ksql> SET 'auto.offset.reset' = 'earliest';"

When I try to select results from the table as:
"select * from rc_ip_key_agg_ptable;"

I do not see any results;

When I send a few new events to the topic/stream - I do see the aggregated results from the
table - and the results are aggregated for ALL events that has been send so far, not just
the latest few I just sent, which confirms that the table is indeed persisted and the state
is correctly accumulated.

I understand it is a continuous query, and I will see newly aggregated results after each
new event comes.
However, I thought that when I start/run the "select * from rc_ip_key_agg_ptable;" - I would
see the latest state from the table, whatever was aggregated so far.
Does not seem to be the case for me - I only see the result after new events woudl come ,
AFTER I start the query ....

Am I missing some configuration setting?

Thank you!
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