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From "Matthias J. Sax" <matth...@confluent.io>
Subject Re: redistribute data partition
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2019 07:37:31 GMT
You first mention that you start 4 consumers, and later that only 4 out
of 8 consumer read data. This is a little confusion.

About addition partitions and the quote from the docs: The quote is
about broker behavior. When you create a topic, for each topic partition
replica, a broker is selected to store the data. This mapping does not
change (it's possible to manually reassign partition replicas). If you
add new partitions, again for each new partition replica a broker will
be selected to store the data. Existing partition replicas are not
re-mapped to other brokers.

Pinning partitions to broker, has nothing to do with rebalancing though.
Rebalancing is a consumer concept. During a rebalance, it's decided
which consumer in the group is reading which partitions.

If you add new partitions to a topic, it may take some time until client
learn about the new partitions. When they learn about new partitions,
they will rebalance. Did you observe if a rebalance happened? By
default, clients refresh their metadata about existing topics and
partitions each 5 minutes -- maybe you just need to wait longer.


On 6/19/19 1:53 AM, andrea sposito wrote:
> I'm relative new to Kafka and probably I'd have a miss understand on how
> rebalancing works, in my case I've created a topic with 4 partition and
> then I've publish some data.
> To test our product we start to consume data with 4 clients with the same
> consumer group.
> For increase consumer throughput we extends our topic with 8 partition,
> after restart clients we noticed that that only 4 clients continues to
> consume instead what I waiting was that all 8 clients start to consume.
> The official Kafka resource says "partitioning will potentially be shuffled
> by adding partitions but Kafka will not attempt to automatically
> redistribute data in any way", is there a way to redistribuite data
> (already present in Kafka) on all partition topic ?
> Thanks for help
> Andrea

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