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From "Matthias J. Sax" <matth...@confluent.io>
Subject Re: Kafka streams dropping events in join when reading from earliest message on topic
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2019 18:33:22 GMT
How do you know that the result should be 900,000 messages? Did you
verify that the keys match and that the timestamps are correct?

Did you try to remove grace-period or set a higher value? Maybe there is
an issue with ouf-of-order data?


On 6/14/19 5:05 AM, giselle.vandongen@klarrio.com wrote:
> I have two streams of data flowing into a Kafka cluster. I want to process this data
with Kafka streams. The stream producers are started at some time t.
> I start up the Kafka Streams job 5 minutes later and start reading from earliest from
both topics (about 900 000 messages already on each topic). The job parses the data and joins
the two streams. On the intermediate topics, I see that all the earlier 2x900000 events are
flowing through until the join. However, only 250 000 are outputted from the join, instead
of 900 000. 
> After processing the burst, the code works perfect on the new incoming events.
> Grace ms of the join is put on 50 millis but putting it on 5 minutes or 10 minutes makes
no difference. My other settings:
>     auto.offset.reset = earliest
>     commit.interval.ms = 1000
>     batch.size = 204800
>     max.poll.records = 500000
> The join is on the following window:
> JoinWindows.of(Duration.ofMillis(1000))
>       .grace(Duration.ofMillis(50))
> As far as I understand these joins should be done on event time. What that can cause
these results to be discarded?

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