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From David O'Connor <saviosoftw...@gmail.com>
Subject Querying a change log
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2019 10:47:31 GMT
Please forgive this question if it turns out to be trivial but I am new to Kafka and am evaluating
it for use as the backbone of our new payments application. I envisage a 'payment' topic being
fed by a producer for each payment channel, each payment being represented in JSON with an
attribute representing payment status. For example a payment might first be written with a
status of Pending , would be consumed by a process which would process the payment and write
a new message to the topic with a status of Applied. This message would then be processed
by another process which generates a receipt for the payment and writes a third message with
a status of Receipted. My question is, if our Live Support team wanted to retrieve the three
messages that represent the payment at each stage, how easy would it be and what tools would
they need to use?
Thanks in advance,
Dave O'Connor

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