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From Emanuel Muhr <emanuel.m...@mhp.com>
Subject Kafka cluster metadata update question
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2019 15:32:21 GMT

we are using Kafka in an environment where we have restricted access to the Kafka brokers.
The access needs to happen via TCP proxies. So, in my setup I have 3 Kafka brokers (broker1-3)
for which I created 3 proxy instances and I have set these proxy instances as the bootstrap
bootstrap.servers = [ssl://proxy1:9092, ssl://proxy2:9092, ssl://proxy3:9092]

Upon startup of a Kafka client I see that there is a successful metadata update and the client
receive the original kafka broker names:
[2019-08-12 16:09:56,921] DEBUG Updated cluster metadata version 2 to Cluster(id = lFFAv0okS12Vg2rvVbsKdg,
nodes = [broker1:9092 (id: 1 rack: r1), broker3:9092 (id: 3 rack: r3), broker2:9092 (id: 2
rack: r2)], partitions = [Partition(topic = mytopic, partition = 0, leader = 2, replicas =
[2], isr = [2], offlineReplicas = [])], controller = broker1:9092 (id: 1 rack: r1)) (org.apache.kafka.clients.Metadata)

So, the initial connection via the proxy instances does work correctly. The Kafka documentation
states that the bootstrap.servers are only used for bootstrapping so I assume that if the
hostnames do not match the ones from the brokers they will be replaced.
Additionally I found this C++ library documentation (https://github.com/edenhill/librdkafka/wiki/FAQ#number-of-broker-tcp-connections)
which states the following:
The initial bootstrap broker connections will only be used for Metadata queries, unless the
hostname and port of a bootstrap broker exactly matches the hostname and port of a broker
returned in the Metadata response (this is the advertised.listeners broker configuration property),
in which case the bootstrap broker connection will be associated with that broker's broker
id and used for the full protocol set (such as producing or consuming).

We do not use this library but Spring Kafka Java library instead. However, the documentation
makes sense with what I'm observing.

I'm asking if there is any way to disable this behavior and let Kafka use the hostnames from
the bootstrap broker list for producing and consuming as well.
I do not see any other way so that we can use Kafka in this restricted scenario unless we
introduce some DNS rerouting.

I would appreciate any insights on this topic if I'm missing information or if there is another
way to achieve the successful connection under these circumstances.


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