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From Valentin <valen...@aseno.de>
Subject Re: kafka issue
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2019 05:36:27 GMT
Hi Chao,

I suppose, you would like to know:
within a consumer group which message is coming from which partition, since partitions corresponds
to broker and broker = ip, right?

Well, if you really want to know this, then you have to get the context. E.g within a processor
there is a method called context()....

However, keep in mind broker and IP addresses could change. I would not recommend to build
a business logic on top of ip addresses.
Within a producer, you can manage the destination partition / broker. 



> Am 10.12.2019 um 04:48 schrieb 朱超 <chao.zhu@baozun.com>:
> hi:
>    I am a gteen hand of kafka,after installation of new kafka cluster,it raises a
 question that how do I know which IP address  a message   come from? Is there any special
set about this?
> Eagerly awaiting your reply.
> ________________________________
> chao.zhu@baozun.com

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