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From David Garcia <David.Gar...@bazaarvoice.com>
Subject Static Membership AND Invalid IP addresses forConsumers
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2019 19:08:41 GMT
I forgot to note that we are using spot instances AND static membership.  I was able to confirm
that setting application.server with the correct ip-address seems to result in the correct
Host being set...however, upon spot-reap/replace the new ip-address does not seem to overwrite
the previous ip-address in the host-field.  Is there a way to make it replace the host-info
AND use static membership?

David Garcia 
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On 12/5/19, 1:07 PM, "David Garcia" <David.Garcia@bazaarvoice.com> wrote:

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     Hello, my consumers are reporting invalid IP address.  When running kafka-consumer-groups
–describe… I see the following:
  HOST                                                     CLIENT-ID
    Topic1       12                1319627                   1319627                  0  
            consumer1       /xx.yyy.zzz.xxx(non-existent-address)  client-1-StreamThread-4-consumer
    Topic2       8                   44604                       44604                   
  0               consumer2      /xx.yyy.zzz.xxy(non-existent-address)   client-1-StreamThread-3-consumer
    I understand that this hostInfo (i.e. the ip-addresses) are reported by the consumers.
 How can I configure my consumers to report the Host information I want?  It’s worth noting
that my apps are running in AWS EC2.  Thx for the help!
    -David J. Garcia

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