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From "Matthias J. Sax" <matth...@confluent.io>
Subject Re: KafkaStreams internal producer order guarantee
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2019 09:29:34 GMT
That is correct. It depends on what guarantees you need though. Also
note, that producers ofter write into repartitions topics to re-key data
and for this case, no ordering guarantee can be provided anyway, as the
single writer principle is "violated".

Also note, that Kafka Streams can handle out-of-order data for most
cases correctly and thus it should be ok to leave the default config values.

But as always: it depends on your application and your requirements. As
a rule of thumb: as long as you don't experience any issue, I would just
go with default configs.


On 12/2/19 12:02 PM, Murilo Tavares wrote:
> Hi everyone
> In light of the discussions about order guarantee in Kafka, I am struggling
> to understand how that affects KafkaStreams internal *KafkaProducer*.
> In the official documentation, this section (
> https://docs.confluent.io/current/streams/concepts.html#out-of-order-handling)
> enumerates
> 2 causes "that could potentially result in out-of-order data *arrivals*
> with respect to their timestamps".
> But I haven't found anything that mentioned how KafkaStreams *producers*
> will handle errors, and how that could lead to out-of-order messages being
> produced in output topics.
> When I start my KafkaStreams application, I've seen the internal producers
> use the below in its default configuration:
>         enable.idempotence = false
>         max.in.flight.requests.per.connection = 5
>         retries = 2147483647
> So I guess that this could mean that at the end of my topology,
> KafkaStreams could potentially send out of order messages to an output
> topic if for some reason the message fails to be delivered to the broker,
> as the internal producer would retry that.
> I've read that to guarantee order in the producers, one needs to set
> "max.in.flight.requests.per.connection=1". But I wonder if one should
> override this configuration for KafkaStreams applications?
> Thanks
> Murilo

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