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From Sunil CHAUDHARI <sunilchaudh...@dbs.com.INVALID>
Subject Very Urgent: Error while creating ephemeral at /brokers/ids/0, node already exists and owner
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2020 10:35:47 GMT
Whenever I try to do rolling restart and start one of my broker, I get this error.
Can Anyone help me to get rid of this?

[2020-03-12 18:33:34,661] INFO Logs loading complete in 1553 ms. (kafka.log.LogManager)
[2020-03-12 18:33:34,677] INFO Starting log cleanup with a period of 300000 ms. (kafka.log.LogManager)
[2020-03-12 18:33:34,678] INFO Starting log flusher with a default period of 9223372036854775807
ms. (kafka.log.LogManager)
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,005] INFO Awaiting socket connections on (kafka.network.Acceptor)
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,049] INFO [SocketServer brokerId=0] Created data-plane acceptor and processors
for endpoint : EndPoint(null,9092,ListenerName(PLAINTEXT),PLAINTEXT) (kafka.network.SocketServer)
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,050] INFO [SocketServer brokerId=0] Started 1 acceptor threads for data-plane
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,109] INFO [ExpirationReaper-0-Produce]: Starting (kafka.server.DelayedOperationPurgatory$ExpiredOperationReaper)
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,116] INFO [ExpirationReaper-0-ElectPreferredLeader]: Starting (kafka.server.DelayedOperationPurgatory$ExpiredOperationReaper)
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,116] INFO [ExpirationReaper-0-DeleteRecords]: Starting (kafka.server.DelayedOperationPurgatory$ExpiredOperationReaper)
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,116] INFO [ExpirationReaper-0-Fetch]: Starting (kafka.server.DelayedOperationPurgatory$ExpiredOperationReaper)
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,121] INFO [ExpirationReaper-0-ListOffsets]: Starting (kafka.server.DelayedOperationPurgatory$ExpiredOperationReaper)
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,139] INFO [LogDirFailureHandler]: Starting (kafka.server.ReplicaManager$LogDirFailureHandler)
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,225] INFO Creating /brokers/ids/0 (is it secure? false) (kafka.zk.KafkaZkClient)
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,245] ERROR Error while creating ephemeral at /brokers/ids/0, node already
exists and owner '216411990614016005' does not match current session '144234981936660481'
[2020-03-12 18:33:35,252] ERROR [KafkaServer id=0] Fatal error during KafkaServer startup.
Prepare to shutdown (kafka.server.KafkaServer)
org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException$NodeExistsException: KeeperErrorCode = NodeExists
        at org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException.create(KeeperException.java:122)
        at kafka.zk.KafkaZkClient$CheckedEphemeral.getAfterNodeExists(KafkaZkClient.scala:1784)
        at kafka.zk.KafkaZkClient$CheckedEphemeral.create(KafkaZkClient.scala:1722)
        at kafka.zk.KafkaZkClient.checkedEphemeralCreate(KafkaZkClient.scala:1689)
        at kafka.zk.KafkaZkClient.registerBroker(KafkaZkClient.scala:97)
        at kafka.server.KafkaServer.startup(KafkaServer.scala:300)
        at io.confluent.support.metrics.SupportedServerStartable.startup(SupportedServerStartable.java:114)
        at io.confluent.support.metrics.SupportedKafka.main(SupportedKafka.java:66)
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