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From D C <dragos.g.cri...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Last Stable Offset (LSO) stuck for specific topic partition after Broker issues
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2020 23:43:12 GMT
Hey peeps,

Anyone else encountered this and got to the bottom of it?

I'm facing a similar issue, having LSO stuck for some partitions in a topic
and the consumers can't get data out of it (we're using read_committed =

When this issue started happening we were on kafka 2.3.1
i tried:
- restarting the consumers
- deleting the partition from the leader and letting it get in sync with
the new leader
- rolling restart of the brokers
- shutting down the whole cluster and starting it again
- tried deleting the txnindex files (after backing them up) and restarting
the brokers
- tried putting down the follower brokers of a partition and resyncing that
partition on them from scratch
- upgraded both kafka broker and client to 2.5.0

Now the following questions arise:
Where is the LSO actually stored (even if you get rid of the txnfiles, the
LSO stays the same).
Is there any way that the LSO can be reset?
Is there any way that you can manually abort and clean the state of a stuck
transaction? (i suspect that this is the reason why the LSO is stuck)
Is there any way to manually trigger a consistency check on the logfiles
that would fix any existing issues with either the logs or the indexes in
the partition?


On 2019/11/20 13:26:54, Pieter Hameete <pieter.hameete@blockbax.com> wrote: 
> Hello,
> after having some Broker issues (too many open files) we managed to recover our Brokers,
but read_committed consumers are stuck for a specific topic partition. It seems like the LSO
is stuck at a specific offset. The transactional producer for the topic partition is working
without errors so the latest offset is incrementing correctly and so is transactional producing.
> What could be wrong here? And how can we get this specific LSO to be increment again?
> Thank you in advance for any advice.
> Best,
> Pieter

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